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  • A standard WordPress login page does not have any math questions. Did you install a plugin (or theme) that adds that?

    No I did not install a plugin that adds that. The theme I am using is ZeeFlow and I can not find any log in edit. Also, when I attempt to customize the theme it won’t load. It just keeps re-doing the search bar over and over.

    I took a look for you.

    Your site appears to be running a plugin called “inkmember” which is adding that.

    So yes, you did install a plugin that adds that. And it’s called “inkmember”.

    – confoosed and wondering how Otto could check it when the OP did not mention any URL –

    Thought that info was in my member profile.

    But, I have a new question that needs a lot of help. My site won’t open at all and says too many redirects. This is after installing Paid Membership Pro, using the video. I tried to log out to try the membership but now can not get into the site using my admin password or anything. The site is

    Okay, I am completely locked out of my site,, and it is like pulling teeth to get technical support. What do I do? There has got to be a way to contact WP in a situation such as this? At this point my site does not exist because the browser says it can not open any portion of anything. Surely this problem deserves some help somewhere.

    @debyd: I know you don’t fully understand this, but I’m going to have to ask you to try.

    WordPress isn’t a company. WordPress is a piece of software. There is nobody to contact because we don’t actually run your site. WordPress is free software that you downloaded and put on your website. You’re not paying anybody for it.

    See, you have a site on a hosting service somewhere. You did something to install the WordPress software and you’re using it. That’s great, we approve. But whatever you installed that broke it, well, that means that you kinda have to fix it too.

    You’re not working through some special service here, you’re actually modifying the files and such on the site that you’re paying for through some web hosting service, and you’ll have to go through them to modify those files to fix whatever problems you have created.

    If you installed some plugins that broke your site, then access your site’s files through the hosting service and remove those plugins. That’s how you fix the problem. The notable word in that sentence is “you”. It’s your site. You are the only person who can access it, therefore you are the only person who can fix it.

    If you need help understanding what to do, then you’re in the right place. The volunteers on this site can answer your questions and help you with information and tell you how you can fix your problems, but ultimately, this is a volunteer support forum. Nobody here works for “WordPress”, and they don’t get paid to help you.

    Additionally, if you’re having problems with non-free plugins, then you should contact whomever you paid for those plugins for support. That’s why you paid them, no?

    This website,, has no “for-pay” aspect to it anywhere. Everything here is free. We don’t have any Paid plugins of any kind, and more importantly, we don’t support any plugins that you might have gotten from somewhere else. If you’re using plugins and having issues, contact the author of those plugins directly.

    Of course Otto, I am psychic and most definitely should have known not to expect any sort of support from WP, or how it is run. Thankfully you have saved me from upgrading my WP site, seeing as how I would not be able to obtain support for any of the fancy features, since that money would not be real if they don’t get paid for anything.

    The plugin supports say ask the forums how to do certain things but the forums do not answer and so we are stuck.

    And, the error messages are so helpful – like be sure that all fields are filled in but there are no more fields to fill in on the page that the error message is given on and so who knows if it is an error from another set up process. If the set up is done wrong there is no way to know because no error messages are received then. And, they ask for things like “gateway…” but who knows what that means and where that comes from.

    I don’t mind fixing my own problems if someone can at least steer me in the right direction. Or, at least answer my question and let me know where to find the answers. Like you have done well after the fact. You could have answered me hours ago but chose not to – Much thanks.

    debyd: See, this is sort of the problem. I’m not deliberately withholding your answers from you. I actually don’t have any for you. I’ve never used those plugins that you’re talking about. I’ve never purchased a plugin (you mentioned “Paid Memberships Pro” earlier). I’ve never watched a video tutorial on installing and setting up some plugin like you’re describing.

    And more to the point, I have absolutely no idea what plugins you’re running, what configuration you have done, what changes you have made to your site, etc. You don’t provide any of this critical debugging information in your previous posts.

    The most we can do is to refer you to the authors and places where you’re getting these plugins that seem to be causing you problems, because that’s all you’ve really told us so far, that you’re having problems with plugins. Well, and that you seem to be disappointed in the fact that we don’t have a 24/7 phone support for free software.

    If you need immediate support, then I recommend finding somebody willing to work with you on your site directly, one on one, and paying them for it. If you want free support for our free software, provided by volunteers, then you’re in the right place. But we’d sort of appreciate it if you didn’t complain about the lack of service at the same time. Because while we are very, very sorry, we all have lives and jobs of our own too, you know.

    After looking through your other posts, I see that “Paid Memberships Pro” is a plugin here, and you made a post about it first 4 hours ago:

    I’m sorry that the plugin is giving you trouble, but expecting a response in 4 hours is a bit crazy. Especially since 4 hours ago was just after dark in most of the United States. I mean, yes, the forum is international and all, but free support is not timely support, if you know what I mean.

    I recommend removing the plugin entirely. Access your site’s files directly and remove or rename the directory of the plugin from the /wp-content/plugins directory in your install, and that will disable that plugin. Backup first, of course.

    Thanks. At the time that I made the post there was no way to access my site because I was completely locked out. Otherwise I would have deleted the plugin and started over. Luckily I was able to figure out how to contact the domain people and they were able to access the site and disable the plugin that was causing problems. The problem plugin was not the Paid Memberships Pro, but another one, although PMP did create issues with the layout of my design and I had to uninstall and reinstall a few times before getting it right.

    So, the answer to my question was to contact the domain host and ask them to look into the issue. I also checked several sites that can verify if my site is down, and down for just me or for everyone – some said it worked and others said it did not. But, it was through those checks that I discovered that the best solution was to contact the domain host. Sure Support got back to me within minutes and inside of 15 minutes had the issue resolved and within another 20 minutes were able to provide me with an SSL. Can not recommend Sure Support enough.

    Thank you and I hope someone else finds this solution helpful.

    Instead of having to contact your hosting service for issues like this, you may want to use their systems to get direct access to the files on your site. Then you can disable plugins and other code yourself instead of having to wait on others to assist you.

    If you don’t have control over the files on your site, then you don’t have any real control over your site.

    They did give me access to the control site but now everything is running except for Paid Memberships Pro, which keeps giving me error codes. Of course they want $97 to tell me how to use the free plugin but until I can get it running there is no way to pay that money. My hosting site has already fixed some errors in the plug in.

    Now I am unable to edit my site and can’t figure out how to get in and changer my user status. Since no one has permission to edit anything.

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