• Hey there so I have a slight issue with my integrated log in. So basically when I use the wp-united widgets to log in to the site everything works perfect. I can link to the forum through the widgets just fine. But when I use my link at the top of my wordpress titled “Forums” I go to a logged out version of my forums.

    The same happens on my forums, unless I click the “WordPress Blog” at the top it gives me a logged out word press.

    I am thinking this has something to do with my cookie settings but I am not sure about how to fix that.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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  • So I changed to cookies from


    to just esocraft.com

    And when I am logged into the word press it keeps me logged in between the two. But when I log off and try and log in with the widget or I log in directly on the forums I get “You have logged in, return to previous page” and I click it and am logged out.

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    I’m sorry for the slow response. Been so busy moving servers.

    Try changing the phpbb cookie setting to .esocraft.com (including the leading ‘.’), and the cookie path to /

    Does that help?

    So I understand this but can you help me understand what files this is located in on my site, I am having the same issues. The site I am working on is freerealsmayhem.com. I have the WordPress in the main Root then the forum is in a subdirectory forum.freerealmsmayhem.com

    I found it

    Ok so I thought I had it, my WordPress is in my main root, my forum is in a directory called forum. phpBB is installed inside WordPress not the other way around. So what should I do change the cookie path to .website.com and the path to …./
    Please help me get it correct this time the first time. Thanks

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    Sorry for the delay, I’ve been on holiday.

    The settings are in phpBB’s Admin Control Panel -> cookie settings.



    I have some problem, when phpbb user is trying to login through phpbb forum, he logs in (forum writes “You have logged in, return to previous page”, but after few seconds he is logout. I tried changing phpbb cookie setting to .site.com, and the path to /, but no luck.

    Any ideas what can be wrong?

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