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  • Please post error logs from your host here.

    Also, have you tried looking here regarding your password:

    Recovering the password isn’t the problem as I can request a new password — that function is working. What’s not working is the log in page.

    I’ll see what I can get re: error logs.

    EDIT: Looking over the error logs, my own IP doesn’t show up on any of the posted errors. I find myself to be the only person with these issues on the web site currently (though I have admin access, I am not the guy who owns the site). The most recent were initiated by a failed Yahoo crawl. None of the errors in the log are from wp-login.php and my failed login attempts.

    Additional note: I’ve tried logging in through Opera, Firefox and IE7 — no dice on each. Every time, I simply have the login form show up again but with the form fields blank.

    A site I maintain for a friend is having the exact same issue. Trying to log in as her or myself, it just refreshes. I also attempted resending the password – and the resetting part works fine. But when I try to log in with the new password, it just refreshes the page. No error message, just reloads the log in page.

    tv — you don’t happen to be on Dreamhost, do you? I thought, perhaps, it could be a technical change on their part that is causing the problem (It’s happened to me before on my own account).

    I am on Dreamhost, yes, and I thought that maybe there was a problem with them. But I tested a few other blogs I host on the same account there, and I can log into those. I didn’t test all of them, though.

    Yeah, I have no problems on my personal account. I have no problems on other domains on my friends account.

    My guess is possibly an older version of PHP being employed for the domain… This site that is having the problem is the oldest site on his account.

    I want to note that I had a problem similar to this a few months ago:

    Dreamhost has noted they are doing work right now to upgrade things and that likely caused the problem.

    I hadn’t done the upgrade to 2.6.2 yet on the blogs (she hadn’t been online, so I didn’t know it needed an upgrade) – but once I did that, I was able to log in.

    I did notice that both of the blogs I cannot log into (both for the same friend) — when I looked in mysql, they both had a new user with the name WordPress, but no email, etc, and the registration date was 0000-00-00. Not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I’m definitely deleting that one out.

    In my situation, the site was upgraded after I had these issues commence.

    OK, I had dreamhost contact me and tell me it was likely a plugin. I had no clue which so I started by deleting new plugins that I had recently added, I also deleted some useless plugins that were never in use (old moldy plugins like Hello Dolly). I ended up getting rid of a few more and boom — I was able to log in.

    SO! Let me say this: If you have an error like this where you can’t get into WordPress (but you have FTP access) — start deleting plugins.

    I fixed my problem, I changed the “cookie path” and “cookie domain” in wp-config.php to match the path on the site,

    I set them both to /newsletter/ and it worked.

    Here’s how I fixed this issue.

    1) Rename plugins folder to plugins.old.
    2) Log in and update database if prompted.
    3) Rename plugins.old folder to plugins

    All my old plugins work without modification, and I can now log in again. Mysterious!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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