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  1. lucabarbetti
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    I want only subscribers to be able to leave comments on my website (it is still in a development localhost stage and it is a multilingual multisite) but I would like to change the default wordpress subscriber's experience because I want them to stay always on my themed website and not to wander on a totally different environment like dashboard (mainly to avoid confusion in their minds but also, I think, for security reasons).
    More or less it should work as here in the wordpress.org forum where if someone wants to leave a comment, she has to log in and after having logged in she is redirected to that same post she wanted to comment instead of being redirected to the user's profile page, even if she logs in through the Meta widget. While logged in, if she wants to edit her profile she should click on a 'Edit your profile' link/button that redirects her to a user's profile page that matches exactly my theme, and not into the dashboard because it has a totally different feel and look from my theme (I think that being launched to the dashboard would be really confusing for most of my users).
    I have read a lot about it, tried several plugins and custom pieces of code seen on the internet, but I have not found the right solution yet. For example, with the redirection plugins that I have tried so far I could redirect the user to a custom User's profile page, but the user would be redirected to this profile page even when she wants only to leave a comment and most likely would log in through the link in the typical WordPress phrase - You must be 'logged in' to post a comment" below the post.
    I have also tried complex membership plugins, like the wonderful s2member, but it feels like trying to kill a fly with a cannon...
    Thank you very much for any help and suggestion on the subject.

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