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  1. LocalBL
    Posted 6 years ago #

    hi all,

    I am doing a page for my company, currently hosted on localhost.
    My questions are
    - I don't have authorization to access the company server: what kind of files the admin needs to upload the page I made ? probably the database, wordpress ... can anyone confirm on that please

    - once uploaded, how can I have only access to the dashboard ? (as I don't have access to the server, I just want to be able to log in to the dashboard)
    - is it required in that case to have a 'log in' area on the page or I could just type in the url /log-in.php or something similar...?

    My questions might be somehow awkward as I am not a specialist in this field. Would appreciate any support and thanks to those who took time to read.


  2. henkholland
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Here is all your info:

    Someone needs server access to create a database; everything else can be done with ftp access to the server.

    Your login will be
    http://www.yoursite.com/wp-login.php or

    but that will be clear after the installation proces.

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