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  • Your plugin is awesome, I see only 1 major flaw:
    Logging data & IP rescrition is merged into one setting – it should be 2, separate, settings. (BTW: Log should contain IP even if IP restriction is off… (e.g.for IP ban purposee…))

    Also, option for setting custom HTML wrap of polls or at least its (custom)CSS class would be nice πŸ™‚

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  • Plugin Author Tkama


    Dont understand about “Logging data & IP rescrition”. When you need IP and don’t need compare it…

    Why you need custom class? It’s hard to do because class name uses in JS and CSS.

    Well the main problem is that there are no logs when you are not tracking IP …
    Saving IP “anyway” is good for when your site is being attacked by a few IPs – you can block those IPs very easily since you’d see them in logs…

    Custom CSS class: a) democracy seems to generic (might colide) but mainly, b) you can already have some prepared functionality, like boxing etc… BTW: Main target of this is to ADD ADDITIONAL classes, not removing the current one πŸ˜‰

    Plugin Author Tkama


    EnablΡƒ tracking IP why it’s problem – dont understand…

    Don’t understand about CSS class… Can you give me an example?


    Your option is “Log data & take visitor IP into consideration”
    The description of this option is:

    Saves data into Data Base. Forbids to vote several times from a single IP or to same WordPress user. If a user is logged in, then his voting is checked by WP account. If a user is not logged in, then checks the IP address. The negative side of IP checks is that a site may be visited from an enterprise network (with a common IP), so all users from this network are allowed to vote only once. If this option is disabled the voting is checked by Cookies only. Default enabled.

    …see I do NOT want to restrict votes per IP ! πŸ™‚ But I DO want to log the vote info … do you get it now ? πŸ™‚ You are conditioning vote logging with IP restriction ! πŸ™‚

    …CSS class, let’s say you have a nice box wrapper with some cool shadow under class “panel” – you would have to add selector to CSS defining it, however you might not be able to because it is some external CSS framework…
    Still “democracy” is too generic word, it should be something a bit more specific.

    Also I said that main target is to add option to ADD ANOTHER class – which is really easy (your CSS & JS would remain intact).

    I have the same problem. I would like to see a log of voting but do not want to filter on ip address.
    Many users who vote are in the same network with the same IP address. So, if the IP address already exists in de logs, you can’t vote.
    However, I want to see a log of voting.

    Is it not possible to make two options here?
    1. Log data & take visitor IP into consideration?
    2. Only log data

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    I agree with the need for an “Only Log Data” option.

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