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  • Hello
    I have been using the lodestar theme for more than two years. So far he has not received any updates and has already started to cause problems. How can I update it? Thank you.

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  • Hi there,

    You can find the most recent version of this theme here:

    That said, can you give some details about what exactly isn’t working?

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    thank you for help
    i put here the problems:

    jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated Theme: Lodestar

    and after i update polylang plugin appera this:

    Notice Undefined property: PLL_Cache_Compat::$options 1 +
    Plugin: polylang
    Notice Trying to access array offset on value of type null 1 +
    Plugin: polylang
    Deprecated (Suppressed) Non-static method WP_Feed_Cache::create() should not be called statically 4 +
    Plugin: shortcodes-ultimate

    thank you

    Okay, this is most likely related to changes in the jQuery version included in WordPress itself.

    Please see if using this plugin makes any difference:

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    i have allready use it

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    Thank you for help. After installing the update to the theme, only the following warning generated by jQwery remained:

    jQuery.fn.load () is deprecated
    Theme: Lodestar

    * File portfolio-page.js
    * JavaScript specific to the portfolio-page.php template.
    * Loads Isotope, handles sorting and triggers lazy-loading for images

    ( function( $ ) {

    // Define porfolio project wrapper
    $grid = $( ‘.portfolio-wrapper’ );

    $( window ).load( function() {

    // Determine text direction
    var $ltr = true;
    if ( $(‘html’ ).attr( ‘dir’ ) == ‘rtl’) {
    $ltr = false;

    // Initialize Isotope
    $grid.isotope( {
    itemSelector: ‘.jetpack-portfolio’,
    layoutMode: ‘fitRows’,
    animationEngine: ‘best-available’,
    originLeft: $ltr,
    columnWidth: $grid.width() / 2,
    resize: false
    } );
    } );

    // Portfolio Project filtering
    $( ‘.project-terms a’ ).click( function( e ) {

    // Remove ‘current-type’ class from previously highlighted link
    $( ‘.project-terms a.current-type’ ).removeClass( ‘current-type’ );

    // Add to link that was clicked
    $( this ).addClass( ‘current-type’ );

    // If the ‘All’ link was clicked, show all
    if ( $( this ).hasClass( ‘types-all’ ) ) {
    $grid.isotope( { filter: ‘*’ } );

    // Otherwise, sort based on data attribute
    } else {
    // Returns format gettypeid-#### – we just want the numbers, so we split them off the end
    var $get_typeid = $(this).attr( ‘data-get-typeid’ ).split(‘-‘)[1];

    // Filter projects by class
    $grid.isotope( { filter: ‘.typeid-‘ + $get_typeid } );

    // Make sure all the lazy loaded images are visible when filtering
    $( ‘.portfolio-featured-image’ ).trigger( ‘appear’ );
    } );

    // Lazy load project images
    $(function() {
    $( ‘.portfolio-featured-image’ ).lazyload( {
    effect: ‘fadeIn’,
    threshold: 200,
    } );
    } );

    } )( jQuery );

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    in the mean time appears the other error. theme update do not resolve the problems.

    Hi there,

    Can you please let me know how those errors are affecting the operation of your site?

    Might need this”

    I also use the Lodestar theme customize my template and have made some custom adjustments to my wishes,

    But you need migrate for parrlex scroll to work well. And update JQuery version tot later version that recent

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