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  • Still the same problem, guys, on a different computer. Reset my password to a new one, still cannot log in with the new account and password. The only two plugins I left running are WooCommerce and Hustle.

    You know, I found out this was a known problem from It’s a redirect issue in one instance. I broke my site in having to fix it, and now I’ve restored everythign with a fresh install, only a week back in time. I’m recreating all the work I’ve done since.

    I created a new site again, and the problem has revisited.

    try it out. “enable cookies” and correct users get refreshed back to login.


    (Now that I have restored everything that broke and have it running ok)

    1) In Network Admin, create a new site. (for me:
    2) In Site Settings – Settings – change both Home and SiteUrl to (for me: and Save it
    3) Visit the site – does it load? OK. If not: change them back to subdomain.
    4) Change Siteurl on main page settings to
    5) visit the site – does it load? OK. Then make sure all site settings have been updated to
    6) All URL fields are – Visit site. Does it load? YES.

    7) Now, add /wp-admin/ to the URL in the address bar.

    8) Even though you’re already logged in as one of the Users of that site, it’s going to present you with a login screen.

    Then every time you enter your password, it’s going to tell you cookies aren’t enabled (they are) and it’s going to redirect to the login screen.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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