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    Dear Users,

    We have made it very clear in plugin interface that “Enable HTTPS” button should be clicked ONLY after you successfully install the valid SSL certificates on your cPanel/hosting.

    In some rare cases when you enable HTTPS without properly installing the SSL certificates, you might face difficulty in accessing your site. Don’t worry, Your WordPress site will not be affected. Please follow the below manual process to revert back to HTTP.

    1. Login to your hosting panel

    2. Using File Manager, go to wp-config.php file in your WordPress directory and add below lines (replace with your site url) just before /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */


    3. Open your wp-admin with http protocol (Ex:

    4. While logged in, try disabling the force HTTPS feature of WP LetsEncrypt (Ignore all below steps if you succeeded). If you fail to disable it, Open the revert url sent to your admin email when you enabled force HTTPS (Ex:

    4a. In case you haven’t received any revert back email in your admin inbox, Please open wp-content/plugins folder using File manager on your hosting and remove/delete wp-letsencrypt-ssl folder. You should be perfectly able to access http:// site after doing so.

    4b. To use WP LetsEncrypt plugin again, Please add the below code at very bottom of functions.php file of your active theme in wp-content/themes and open the site once. This will reset the force HTTPS you previously enabled. Once after doing so, You can remove this code from functions.php file, install and use the WP LetsEncrypt plugin as earlier. Ignore step 5.

    add_action("wp", "wple_reset_opts");
    function wple_reset_opts(){

    5. You will notice success message saying “Reverted back to HTTP”.

    5a. Now your site is perfectly reverted back to HTTP protocol. You can remove the 2 new lines added to wp-config.php and access the site with http:// protocol as before. You can use the WP LetsEncrypt plugin again without any issues.

    NOTE: Please note that this is not an issue with the plugin, Server makes the site un-accessible without a valid SSL certificate. Please make sure you have installed SSL certificate correctly before you force HTTPS next time 🙂

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