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  1. S.W.Anderson
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Two things first. This concerns an API key conflict that has me locked out of WordPress.com Stats on my separately hosted blog, http://wpblog.ohpinion.com. I didn't realize until updating Stats last night that I had two API keys, but I do. The key I used for Akismet is one I got when I created a WordPress-hosted blog called Fare Thee Well.
    At some point, I got another API key.

    The other thing is that I have done searches for how to resolve this problem. The answer that looked most promising starts off saying go to the WordPress.com (hosted) user profile page and in the drop down menu select "Stats." Unfortunately, that drop down menu no longer includes a "Stats" item to select.

    The error message WordPress.com Stats gave said to contact support, but didn't say what support, or where. I came to WordPress.com for support today, and got a message saying they are off site for a conference, or something, until Aug. 16. (Bangs head on desk.)

    As it stands now, after the WordPress.com Stats update, I entered the same API key I had used for Akismet, the one from the WordPress.com-hosted blog. WordPress.com Stats gave an error message and locked me out. There is no way to get it to let me enter the other API key I have, which I think would solve the problem. I tried deactivating/reactivating. I tried deleting and reinstalling the plugin. Nothing makes any difference. I'm still locked out. The error message on WordPress.com Stats admin page looks like it's meant to let the user enter a different API key, but instead jumps to another error message saying to contact support whenever I try.

    What I need to do is get the API key for the non-wordpress.com-hosted blog into WordPress.com Stats on my separately-hosted blog at wpblog.ohpinion.com

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The error message WordPress.com Stats gives:

    The owner of that API Key (sw##4) is not on the access list for this blog (1#9##00#). To be added to the access list, you must contact support.

  2. S.W.Anderson
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Finally worked this out, and it wasn't that difficult. Here's how I did it.

    Deactivate WordPress.com Stats on plugin page.

    Go to WordPress.com Stats developer's page (link provided in plugin page item listing) and download previous version. See plugin author's installation note, which is quite simple.

    Go to your cPanel (or equivalent admin) page on the server where your blog is hosted. Open the File Manager. Create a "stats" subdirectory in Public HTML/YourBlog'sName/Content/Plugins subdirectory.

    Using your FTP program of choice, upload stats.php and open-flash-chart.swf files to the stats subdirectory you just created.

    Go to your WP plugins page and activate WordPress.com Stats. At top of page you should get a red bar with an error message in it about your API key being wrong. Don't panic. Over on the left in the red bar the text is a link. Click the link. You'll be whisked to a separate page for setting up WordPress.com Stats (nickname Deliverance :) )

    Now, you must have your alternative API key ready to copy and paste or type into the provided form. Be very sure you know which API key goes with which WP blog you have, and which login those sites use. Be very sure not to type in the API key WordPress.com Stats already insists is the wrong one. If you have any doubt, open a new tab in your browser and double check. Because, if you get it wrong, you'll have to start all over.

    Once you enter your other API key that WordPress.com Stats finds acceptable, you're home free. At least until the next update.

    There ought to be a simpler, more-direct way to do this. I think it would be better if all WordPress sites (.com, .org, forums, what have you) would have one standard login for each user, along with one API key per user. That's the kind of setup Windows Live/Hotmail/MSN has gone to, and it's handy.

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