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[Resolved] Locked out of sites

  • I have just moved one of my wordpress sites to a new server & when I tried to log on it didn’t recognise my password so I had to re-set via email. I the tried to log in again with the new password but it said I had the wrong username & then locked me out with the following message:
    Your IP ( has been flagged for potential security violations. Please try again in a little while…
    I have this message for all the sites that have brute protect installed. Will this resolve itself in time? How can I solve it? Do I need to uninstall brute protect from all my sites by FTP?


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  • Two sites on the same host have this too for me as well:

    “Your IP ( has been flagged for potential security violations. Please try again in a little while…”

    Nothing new has happened. Just started to notice this this week for both sites:


    The 2nd IP is just slightly different:

    Plugin Author Sam Hotchkiss


    Hey Steve– it looks like your server is reporting an internal IP address– would you mind sending me FTP info (DM on Skype is good) and I’ll take a peek?

    Plugin Author Sam Hotchkiss


    (I meant DM on Twitter)

    Hi Sam,

    Looks like the host did some digging too — had a couple of ‘maintenance’ notifications (on both sites), then both sites are back up and running today. I’ll keep you posted on their status if something changes. Thanks!


    Plugin Author Sam Hotchkiss


    Thanks, Steve. We’re going to be implementing an update in the next version of BP to prevent this from happening– when the site is reporting an “internal” IP (192.*, 10.*, etc), it will call back to CAPTCHA to keep you from being blocked

    OK – if/when a captcha is in place, what/whom is then responsible for resolving the IP blockage: the host, designer/developer, BP…? And is the host alerted to such things somehow? Just trying to see where a user (such as myself) would turn first to get things resolved in the future… Thanks again, Sam.

    Plugin Author Sam Hotchkiss


    We’ll put up a notice on the admin page to let you know what’s going on, then it will be on you and your host to resolve the core issue. At some point, we may offer a premium support level, but that’s not on the roadmap for the next 6 months

    Sounds good — thanks Sam.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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