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  • Plugin Author Nishant Kumar


    Hello Jin12345, please provide more information, I tried to access but unable to access.

    Hi the above mentioned problem is resolved already.

    However I encounter another issue. I was tried to register at and I realised that there’s a problem as it does not allow users to register when they use “illegal characters” ( Eg !#&)#& and Capital Letters). How do we debug this?

    Hi! I am having the exact same problem that Jin12345 was originally having.

    One I activate this plugin, I cannot login using the email associated with my WordPress user account.

    Jin, how did you solve this?

    Hi elessman

    Disclaimer: my solution will not help you solve the initial login problem you face but will allow you to login with your usual account.

    Login to the backend system that you’re using for your website and look for the smartwp login plugin that you downloaded. Delete the smart plugin and it should restore access to your website with your usual account.

    Plugin Author Nishant Kumar


    Hi everyone,

    @jin12345, please provide me more details so I can look into the issue, however, you can even register using email id with special characters, e.g. demo#dem$0@example.demo

    @elessman, kindly share some other details like, WordPress version you are using. I’ll definitely help you.

    Jin12345, that was the same way I found to get into my site – thank you for verifying that it was the appropriate method!

    Nishant, I am using WordPress 4.2.3.

    The only other plugin that I currently have active, that directly affects logging in (to my knowledge) is Theme My Login.

    What other information do you need? I’d gladly provide anything I can!


    have you had the time to review my previous reply?

    Plugin Author Nishant Kumar


    Hello elessman, can you please try to deactivate “Theme My Login” plugin and then use Smart WP Login, Smart WP Login heavily (completely) depends on wp-login.php file.

    Great! Now I have the same error: “Error: Either the email or password you entered is invalid.”

    WordPress 4.2.4
    BirdTIPS theme
    No other plugins


    removing Theme My Login allowed me to login via email through wp-login.php, but it still said “Username” even though it required an email.

    Also, since it relies on the wp-login.php file, is there absolutely no way to not use that login screen with this plug-in?

    We are attempting to make the site feel more seamless and would like our login to flow a bit better.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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