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  • Do you have access to phpMyAdmin?

    If so go into your cPanel / Control Panel and go into your phpMyAdmin.

    From there select your database on the left, then select the wordpress table called “users”. You will then see a list of the users on the site, click on your main user (admin) and you will then see a field where you can edit the password. Put in your new password BUT MAKE SURE you select from the dropdown box to the left of it “MD5” then click GO in the bottom right to apply the changes.

    You then should be able to login again.

    Check your own PC or computer for malware, as this is a more common than understand manner of infecting the sites you host.

    Also, do not just clear cookies, clear cache and also flush dns if site was moved etc. (in all browsers on computer)


    Your version is actually 3.3.1, but that probably isn’t an issue right now. Upgrade as soon as you can. mattmagi has you on the right track if you want to reset the admin password for starters. Here’s a walk-through on the phpMyAdmin method that was recommended: Through phpMyAdmin

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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