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  • Hello Paul,
    Still the unsolved issue I had 2 weeks ago with all my MU installations. I got locked out from the admin of a site on a MU installation and no way to come back except by using the forceOff trick.
    The thing is that, like I explained 2 weeks ago, the ipmanager is NOT listing any blacklisted IP (There are no IPs on this list. Refresh) , therefore I cannot remove mine as I cannot see it. I tried adding my IP in the white list but it does not help.
    I do hope you will fix this MU issue. In the mean time, I will remove the ipmanager or move to another plugin.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • and as explained before, nothing is listed in the WordPress Security Firewall (audit trail viewer)…

    Any chance to get some help on my 3 weeks old issue ?

    Plugin Author Paul


    Sorry for the delay in getting to investigate this. I didn’t have the environment setup to do so properly.

    I have a simple WPMS with no other plugins active on the site except the firewall. When I set the transgression limit to anything except ‘0’ I get the IP block message and also my IP is added to the block list.

    Can you confirm your transgression limit is > 0 and what plugins are common across all the sites that show this problem?


    Thanks Paul, I am going to mirror your test, set a new multisite, and progressively add my usual plugins until I get the IP issue, and then I will give you an access. I can’t do it on my existing setup as they are used by customers.
    Once again thanks for your time !

    Ps : I would appreciate if you could give me a harmless firewall trigger url in order to get quickly blacklisted, for once I will be happy to have dynamic ip at work (switch on switch off router = new ip) 😉

    Plugin Author Paul


    I usually test it by adding something like:

    &test=wp_ (if you’ve already got a query string in the URL)

    This will trigger the WordPress Terms in the Firewall (make sure that option is checked as it isn’t by default).

    Let me know what you find! Thanks, and sorry again for the delay.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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