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    In case you’ve not resolved this yet, it could be a file format issue. The file should be UTF-8 without a byte order mark. A byte order mark in a UTF-8 file can cause the warning you are getting. This could be the unprintable character Steve referred to. The problem is once it exists, most editors honor its existence and will not remove it even if you retype the line. Most text editors will not even display this mark, you need to view the file in a hexadecimal editor to see it. The first 3 bytes will be EF BB BF. If these occur, first make a backup, even though it’s a problem file. We don’t want to chance making things worse. Delete the 3 bytes. The first 5 bytes should now be 3C 3F 70 68 70 which represents <?php in hex code. Save the altered file.

    A bit of a long shot. Like Steve said, obtaining a backup representing the original file should solve your problem. But if the backup proves to be a problem too, this might just solve it.

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    well the hostgator backup reversed nothing back… i mean even the header that i uploaded after the backup save date dint get changed back so i dont know…

    i dont think i have a backup of my child theme, is there a way i could get one?

Viewing 2 replies - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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