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    For several days the Login Lockdown has gotten me. I just renamed the plugin so it would be disabled. Did thus via FTP as I’m on iPad right now and not Windows laptop.

    Login Cooldown in effect. You must wait 10 seconds before attempting to login again

    I added – deactive to the name of the plugin. Theoretically it isn’t active, right? But I’m still locked out. . I added the Login Lockdoepwn to secure my site but now it’s so secure I can’t get in!

    I’m thinking my fix would be to go into PHPMyAdmin and change the admin pass. But I wanted to see why I’m locked out with a renamed plugin. I tried to login with another username but 401 got me.


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    I added – deactive to the name of the plugin. Theoretically it isn’t active, right?

    Yes it should be inactive if the folder name was changed.

    Also, check your .htaccess file and remove any code in between and including the following tags:
    # BEGIN All In One WP Security
    # END All In One WP Security

    Hi, I’m sort of facing the same problem here. What I did was, I deactivated the plugin yesterday and today I can’t get wp-admin page to load. What I get is a page.

    I’ve just edited my .htaccess file and deleted all tags relating to this plugin and rename the plugin folder. Still I get the same page not my wp-admin page. And of course I cleared my cookies as well.

    Anything else that I should do?

    Ok. All good now. Got rid of everything. Looks like I have to re-install this plugin again because it works!!!

    Thanks. Am going to try that right now. Nope, Login Lockdown still in effect. .htaccess has no reference to AIOWPS.

    I couldn’t get into PHPMyAdmin last night; going to try now on my laptop

    Something is hinky. I can’t get in so checked error logs. Emailed my host as I’m in there.

    But I should not get that error. Should I delete AIOWPS and see?

    Deactivated all plugins. Got in and fixed it

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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