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  • Greetings… After an inactive period, I’m trying to log back in to my wordpress blog — hosted on a private site — to no avail. It says my password expired. When I enter the last password it gave me, it says it’s invalid.

    When I try to get it to resend my password, it says the username (“admin”) doesn’t exist. But I can examine the wp_users database on my web host and see that this user does in fact exist. So:

    1. Is there any reason why a WordPress blog installed on a private site wouldn’t want to send out the admin password?

    2. What are my options if I can’t figure out what freaking password it wants but have access to the back end and want to save my blog somehow?

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  • Will this help maybe? Just do that there, and write it down! Also, is SEND MAIL or whatever enabled on your domain? Good luck!




    the easiest way to change a wordpress admin password

    Thanks for the responses, and sorry for the slow reply.

    It appears my site was hacked by one Mazhar_Fashist (whose name I suddenly notice is listed as the author of all the previous posts). A Google search shows him to be a busy boy. You would not believe the evil fantasies I am having right now about catching him in a dark alley somewhere.

    I’m guessing his hack works somehow by duplicating databases, as I presently have databases named:


    I’m guessing that computronium_blog is the original, and the _blog01 and _blog02 are the new additions. All three have the same standard WordPress database tables, but the _blog02 one has the Mazhar_Fashist user entry. Does anyone know what databases should actually be present? If I delete the _blog01 and _blog02 ones, I’ll probably need to point something back to the original computronium_blog one somewhere, right? If so, what?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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