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  • Hey guys, I’ve done a lot of searching the last few hours but come up short…

    Is there any way that I can stop the author in the author meta box from automatically changing whenever a post is updated by a new author?

    For example, a post (or page or custom post type) is created by ‘Author X’ it’s published and everything is fine

    Now the Admin goes in and edits the same post and updates it, at this point I notice that the author metabox dropdown in the Edit Post screen has automatically jumped to admin.

    Now of course, the admin user could just remember to change the author dropdown back to ‘Author X’ every time they edit it but I see this as a needless extra step (and one that would have to be repeated many many times for this particular website set-up).

    (There is also the issue that ‘Author X’ has restricted access rights and I only want them to be able to edit posts that are authored by them (which is working fine). However whenever someone else comes along and makes a small edit to one of their posts, unless that editor knows or remembers to change the author back to ‘Author X’ then ‘Author X’ has lost their rights to edit/update that item!)

    I don’t want to remove the ability to change a post from one author to another but what I want it to do is only change the author that a post is assigned to only if it is somehow explicitly requested in the edit post screen. The rest of the time the author should stay the same as the last time the author was manually changed (or whatever the original author of the post was in the first place).

    I’ve also tried hiding the author box in Screen Options but it still changes the author the post is assigned to even if hidden.

    Any ideas how I could hack this or plugins that might achieve this (though I have tried many)?

    Happy to clarify if the above is not clear, hopefully any solution will help someone else too

    Thanks, Nick

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