Lock old permalink structure, but change new posts to new permalink structure? (2 posts)

  1. catbird
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I know the answer to this is probably, "no it's not possible," but I figured it was worth a shot:

    Is there any way to lock in an old permalink structure (e.g. myblog.com/088012.php) for legacy posts, which are already-search-engine-indexed, BUT AT THE SAME TIME change all *new* posts over to a DIFFERENT permalink structure (e.g. the more SEO friendly myblog.com/this-is-my-article-title-here.php style)?

  2. No, but there is an alternative that you may prefer.

    The permalink redirect plugin has the capability of an "oldstruct" which you'll find handy. Basically, you change your permalink settings to whatever, and put the old setting in the oldstruct field. Then anybody using the old links will get redirected (301) to the new links. This has the effect of letting search engines find the new links from the old ones and to update themselves accordingly. No loss of pagerank.

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