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    Several problems with SLP since updating. Previously, it worked fine.

    When page loads, map centers to middle of USA and no locations show up.

    When I enter a location into the search box, the map does not automatically center on that location, and no locations show up.

    SLP is updated to the newest version. I tried removing the short code and re-adding it. I tried adding a new location to the “manage locations” page. All locations show up on the “manage locations” page and don’t indicate any issue.

    In map settings, I have the following checked: “immediately show locations”, “show 20 locations”, “30 max search results”

    Any ideas? Link for reference:

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  • Just deactivated and reactivated… now I am getting a fatal error:

    T_FUNCTION in /hermes/bosweb/web061/b615/ipg.lynnaesgourmetpickle/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/store-locator-le/include/storelocatorplus-ui_class.php on line 327

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    What version of PHP are you using? The latest version of SLP is using anonymous functions, which I may be able to change but will take a new release.

    I believe you need PHP 5.3 or higher.

    Not sure what version of PHP I am using… how do I update? I don’t see any availabl updates on my WordPress dashboard

    Just updated to the newest SLP plugin and I’m not getting the fatal error anymore, but I’m still having the same problem with no locations showing up initially or when I enter a query. The map also still loads and centers on the middle of the US. Ideas?

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    Your AJAX listener in WordPress does not have proper permissions set.

    XMLHttpRequest cannot load Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

    Ask your system admin to allow access to the built-in WordPress AJAX listener. Without it Store Locator Plus, and any other plugins or themes that use AJAX, will not work.

    How do I change the access? Is there a setting in dashboard? I am not very familiar with AJAX/PHP/HTML at all, sorry.

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    It is a system administration issue. The file permissions on the WordPress AJAX listener on the server are not correct.

    Im having the same problema here.

    Bought Pro pack yesterday and is not working at all.

    Ive read all about AJAX calls and stuff… but hey, most of us are not programmers, just customers that buy a plugin that doesnt work properly with the DEFAULT wordpress settings.

    I hace 2 options:
    1) ask a prefessional to help me (expensive)
    2)ask my money back

    oh, btw the page im talking about is:

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    @ingym – If the server is not configured properly a lot of things will not work. It has nothing to do with default WordPress settings or the plugin. It has everything to do with the hosting company and how the server is configured. If they lock down the AJAX listener the plugin will not work.

    Another option is to select a host that does not lock the standard WordPress AJAX functionality or ask your existing host to fix the problem.

    If you do not want to take that route any add-on packs you purchase have a no-questions-asked refund policy. Go to and ask for a refund, provide your paypal email or CSA order #.

    wow, that was quick response, nice job.

    I will contact my hosting company and (1and1) and see what can i do. The thing is i like the functionality of the plug in 🙁

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    @ingym – you server is returning a “302 Moved Temporarily” header.

    well, i dont know what/why is that, and if it has something to do with my problem. I dont receive that message.

    1and1 host customers service is from monday to friday, so i will try tomorrow.

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    @ingym – It is what the server sends back when the SLP plugin asks for location data from the AJAX listener. Because it is sending back that response instead of a standard JSONP data package the plugin is not working.

    This is because of the way the WordPress site was setup/installed. It should not be using page redirects when running the built-in WordPress AJAX listener. Share that info with 1-and-1. If they have a useful tech working on your ticket they should be able to fix this.

    Thanks a lot, i will try that 🙂

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