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  • Hello. First, I wanted to say that we love your plugin and we are using it to store and show locations for a directory project for our WordPress internship. Very easy to use and very easy to add new points.

    However, we have encountered some issues that started with the last few updates. We have the Pro Pack and tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times the plugin with and without pulling the database table and reimporting it.

    1. We have just over 1100 points on the map all over the State of New York and with the “Show locations immediately” it will not show any points unless we lower the max number to show to around 300. The directory under the map is gone also and there are no settings set to prohibit the directory from showing. Previously, they would show properly.

    2. When we go to manage locations, before this latest update, the locations would only show when the number per page to show was under 300. Now it only works with 100 and only one of the pages works. The others are blank.

    3. When typing in a zip code with the default 10 mile radius set, the number of locations shown does not change when the radius is increased.

    Now this is with the latest version of WordPress (3.4.2) and the latest version of Store Locator Plus (3.7.5) and both are recently installed and are otherwise working properly. We have also switched themes several times and disabled other plugins with no change. Are we missing something? Are there other things to inspect to verify other probable causes of the problem? Thank you very much.

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  • UPDATE: It appears to be something with Pro Pack. I removed the license for it and all of a sudden the directory came back. I put it back in and the problems reappear at first, but after doing it again, it seems to stay fixed as it was. Looks like a lead, but not a solution. The max locations that it will show is still around 300 and only the western part of NY is covered since it is the closest to Kansas. The manage locations part is still the same at 1000 but it seems now if I try 500 it will show all 3 pages without a problem and it didn’t before.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    Please provide the URL to your store locator page so I can see it in action. You may want to check “force load javascript” and try turning it off, especially if you had no issues prior to SLP 3.4.

    Here it is. The current settings are the same as they were prior to the updates and to show all of the locations when the page is loaded.

    We tried that with the “Force Load Javascript” setting on and off and there was no change.

    Thank you very much for your quick response, by the way.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    Your AJAX listener for WordPress is disabled. That has nothing to do with our plugin or the upgrade.

    NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error –

    You most likely have a security or permissions problem with that file. It is a core part of WordPress and is required for SLP to work. It SHOULD be on, working, and readily accessible by default. Some over-zealous systems admins have been known to take it offline but a lot of things (outside of our plugin) will break with that disabled.

    Ok, I took several steps to try to get it working again, but now I can’t even get into “Manage Locations” without an Error 500 (UPDATE: Fixed. It was the Amdhas theme).

    -I opened up the permissions

    -Backed up and copied the Admin-ajax.php file from the WordPress zip file and overwrote the file already on the server

    -Deactivated all other plugins and retried checking the locations, manage locations (if all show up) and tried seeing if I was still getting an error 500 on admin-ajax and it was still there.

    I found the server log and it is full of errors similar to this one:

    SoftException in Application.cpp:256: File “/home/sunycobl/public_html/CAFRI/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” is writeable by group, referer:

    It is obvious that file is the problem and I thank you for pointing that out. However, are there dependencies involved where other files could cause admin-ajax to fail?


    UPDATE: I changed the permissions to 0755 and now the page returns zero instead of error code 500. Determined that was the cause of the error. However, the locations still will not show immediately and I am only able to display locations within 10 miles of the zip code I type in (which also happens to be the default). If I broaden the search area, no new locations display. I even took the parenthesis away from the 10 to see if it “unlocked” it and no go.

    It seems that with more complex themes like Pinboard or Amdhas, the manage locations page does not work properly or at all. What else should I check out because it would be great to be able to use a good theme and Store Locator Plus.

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    You are still having permission issues on the AJAX listener.

    This is not something special SLP is doing. The AJAX listener is a standard part of WordPress. I am following the WordPress best practices for “how to implement AJAX calls in a WordPress plugin”, using the standard hooks and methods prescribed by the WordPress Codex.

    My guess is it is not the themes either, but a system administration and security issue.

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