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  • Steven



    I’m using this plugin on page . Everything works fine, but the locations aren’t clickable on mobile devices. Any idea?
    On pc, you can click on locations to go to concerning photo galleries.
    Thanks in advance!


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  • Plugin Author simplemaps


    Hi SteveVdh,

    You should set:
    popups: 'on_hover',
    in the main_settings. Otherwise, on mobile devices, the first click will show the description. You can learn more here:




    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the info, works like a charm! šŸ™‚
    Sorry that I didn’t check the link you gave before. I did now and found solution for other issue.
    Thanks again!




    sorry to bother you again, but I have an issue I can’t find solution with doc you’ve sent…

    Everything works fine on Chrome, Firefox and Opera, but if I open link and I hover on lcations, name doesn’t appear and color location doesn’t swith to green (only when I click on it). I suppose it has to do something with changes I made (popups: ‘on_hover’)?

    Plugin Author simplemaps


    Yes, this is caused by the map being in on_hover mode. Popups can either be triggered on_click or on_hover. In on_click mode, you’ll see a button within the popup to click on the link:

    View post on

    In on_hover mode, you’ll see the description on_hover and go directly to the url on click. This system exists because you can’t hover over a link on a mobile device. So, you can choose whether the user should be able to see the description (and have to click twice to go to the link) or go directly to the link on click. Detect mode uses on_hover for PCs and on_click for mobile devices.


    Note: My screenshot is from version 3.4, 3.3 looks a bit different.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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