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  • This is a dump question, I know, but I’ve searched the support forums and read several posts and still can’t figure it out. So forgive this newbie a very dumb question: but where is the wp-layout.css file? I have installed twice and searched for it in all the ways I can think of, but all I find are the style sheets in the Themes folder and the wp-admin.css file.
    Shouldn’t it be in the root folder?
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  • Why do you think there should be a wp-layout.css file? That file name is from pre-1.5 versions of WP.

    Your layout file is in your theme folder

    If you go to the Presentation of your site, you will see a list of themes. Click on Theme Editor. Your style is called Stylesheet

    You will need to provide write permission to edit the file from the Theme Editor section.

    Ahh, thank you, Moshu, that’s the problem. I couldn’t find info about this, but I suspected that the wp-layout file was no longer in use. I’m getting instructions from the wrong source.

    One other question: When I duplicate the default theme (after changing the header info slightly), the positioning, etc. is thrown off. This is partially why I thought the wp_style.css file might be an issue, since I thought I’d dropped a link somewhere. I did this so I could begin to play with changing the theme. Any suggestions on what I’ve done wrong?


    The changes you made to the header could be affecting the position. Or, some plugins hook into the <head> and can add their own CSS. Try viewing source and seeing if the only CSS file referenced is the style.css from your theme.

    What changes did you make to the header?

    Have you tried the w3 validator and making sure you didn’t forget to close a tag or something?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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