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    I can’t get Google Maps to work with Events Manager, I always get:
    – in backend: Location not found
    – in frontend: Map Unavailable

    Here’s an example:

    Google Maps seems to be configured correctly:
    – Maps JavaScript API is activated
    – Places API for Web is activated
    – Billing account is set up
    – the API key is inserted in Events Manager settings
    – I already disabled and re-enabled the APIs

    The same API key seems to be working with another plugin on a test page:

    I’ve also tried it with a fresh WordPress install and it didn’t work…
    Even on a different domain on another webserver with a fresh WordPress install it didn’t work.

    So any clues? I presume Google maps in this plugin is broken…?

    Thanks in advance,

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello,

    Are you using DIVI? If you are, You would nneed to check their documentation on how to Add Googlemaps API.

    Can you also make sure that you have also enabled the following API’s and added the Billing Info?
    1, Make sure that you have also added your BILLING ADDRESS, This is because google maps requires billing information now.
    2. Geocoding API
    3. Geolocating API
    4. Directions API
    5. Distance API
    6. Elevation API

    After you have made sure that you have activated those, You might need to re-enter the addresses again on the Field for the map to show.


    If you copy and paste the iframe HTML code from Google maps, you don’t need any mapping part to this plugin, it will be free, and more reliable! I’m not sure why the developers create their own mapping functionality that is buggy and seemingly untested. I also get “location not found” issues, and I’ve seen lots of people with this issue, if it’s complicated to get working, it means your plugin sucks. Sorry but it’s true. I know that might be hard to admit.

    You need to scrap the current location code, and just allow a direct copy of the iframe code from Google Maps. It will be guaranteed to work, and it won’t require any billing or API codes!

    “if it’s complicated to get working, it means your plugin sucks.”

    So, because there is an issue with one part of a very large plugin, the whole plugin sucks? I wonder why you are still using this plugin if you think it sucks so much.

    I still LOVE Events Manager and will keep on using it for a long time to come.

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    – I don’t use Divi, the Theme is OceanWP. Also the plugin didn’t work with standard themes and every other plugin switched off and on another domain, etc
    – Google maps Billing is activated
    – I’ve added the following APIs: Places API, Maps JavaScript API, Geocoding API, Directions API, Distance Matrix API, Geolocation API, Maps Elevation API, Maps Embed API, Maps Static API, Roads API, Street View Static API, Time Zone API.
    – API-key is set

    So, there’s no use, it doesn’t work… Even if this part of the plugin is “not broken”, it is broken, because it’s so hard (or impossible for some) to set it up, I spent hours and hours with error finding.

    And as already mentioned: Other Google Maps plugins work without any trouble.


    Thanks for the tip, I switch off the Google maps function and add the Google maps iframe HTML code.


    You’re right: The Events Manager plugin is a fantastic piece of software!
    But this part is broken and has to be fixed or replaced with a field to place the Google maps iframe HTML code…

    Thanks to everybody,

    Hi Chris,
    The strange thing is, that I (for more than four years now) have never had any problems with my EM Maps. And I am using it on four blogs… All with one, identical API key, but all the domains neatly registered with Google API, of course.

    So, I have no clue what goes wrong at your end (and others).

    Just wondering…
    If you use Chrome, open your console. Try to load the location. Is there any error from the network??

    Let me try to reproduce the failure 😉
    In what language is your blog, and what language is your Admin? What is the address that cannot be found.

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    Hi Patrick,

    You can try yourself, if you click on one of these you should see the location:
    and there you see “Map Unavailable” where the Events Manager map should be and below there’s the Google iframe code.

    The Site Language was “German” and is now set to “English (United States).

    The same here on a fresh test installation:

    It doesn’t matter where the address is…

    If you want you can have admin access…

    Very strange… I tested it on my localhost. No API key entered at all. (Localhost is not even registered at Google). Yet, this is my result:

    I do not get any error on your website, so I am baffled on why it doesn’t work.

    I am very curious wether this is a Google problem or EM problem…
    Would you please try something for me? I’ve been busy creating a replacement for the Google Maps API. Replacing it with Open Street Maps.

    It’s still very beta, but could you download, install and activate it, please? It should replace #_LOCATIONMAP without changing any settings.


    Sorry… wrong link:

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    Thanks, no problem, it’s installed, but there’s only an error visible:
    “ERROR: No OpenCage API Key found.”


    Oh no, there’s need of another key 🙂

    The key is totally free (unless you add more than 2500 locations per day). But an existing location should not ask for the new api key.

    Did you download just now? I made changes.

    Aha, I see you are using a different URL for testing now 😉
    Install my beta plugin on the https://sono.biham.ch/locations/lernzentrum-1-inselspital-bern/ and it should work without any extra key 😀

    To explain:
    The new API key is for OpenCage. That only retrieves the coordinates of a new location once (upon creating the location), because we will not be using Google anymore 😉 Previously created locations already have their longitude and latitude saved in the database, so there is no need to call OpenCage coordinates. 😀

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