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  • Hello, I have created a google project with the three Google Map APIs and added the api key to the settings. I have tried various addresses which are all easy to find in Google maps. They all say “location not found” in the locations. I have tried turning off all other plugins and using a default WordPress theme. When I edit the address, it doesn’t look like there is any ajax update happening at all. There is no exclamation point or error message. Nothing happens at all. What could be causing this problem? What do I need to do to fix it?

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    can you try this tutorial and see if this makes any difference – ?

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    Believe me I’ve already tried like 10 times. As I’ve already indicated, Google Maps Javascript API, Google Places API Web Service and Google Maps Geocoding API are all listed in my project and I added the keys from that project into Event Manger Options->formatting-> maps-> Api. Enable Google Maps integration? is Yes.

    By the way, that tutorial is completely out of date. My google account doesn’t look anything like the images in that tutorial so its very hard to tell if I’ve left anything out. That’s whey I’m asking if there is anything else I haven’t mentioned that I could have left out.

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    In the tutoriaL there is “Overview” in menu in the left column. This does not exist in my google account.

    The instructions below do not appear in my google account: There is nothing that says “Which API are you using?” or “Where will you be calling the API from?”

    Important: On the credentials screen, make sure that Google Maps Javascript API is selected under Which API are you using?

    Now set the Where will you be calling the API from? dropdown to say Web browser (Javascript) and click What credentials do I need?

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    Did almost all the above as well, and the result is “Mapa não está disponível” (Map not available)

    Same problem here – I did follow the instructions as far as they matched the actual view in the google-account. In backend and frontend I see a “Veranstaltungsort nicht gefunden” (Location not found).

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    It looks like Google have redesigned their API console; I’ll see if I can get the doc updated.

    Once you’re logged in to the cloud platform, click on Google APIs towards the bottom. Then click Credentials and make sure there are credentials set up. If they’re not, click Create Credentials and then API Key.

    By default this creates an unrestricted key. Wait an hour or two (sometimes Google is slow to give access to new API keys), then test the new API key with Events Manager.

    Assuming it works ok, use the Domain Verification tab to restrict the API to your own domain.

    Done all that.
    Situation remains the same.

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    If it’s not working with an unrestricted key and you’re absolutely certain the API key has been copied into Events Manager correctly, it could be you have a conflict caused by your theme or another plugin. To check if it is, try testing with all other plugins deactivated and while running the default WordPress theme.

    Did that too.
    In two different sites.
    Issue remained.

    I seem to be running into the same issue. Enabled the three Google APIs, created credentials, verified domain, have my API key and copied it to Events Manager, but still shows “Map Unavailable” in the web page ( and “Location not found” in WordPress. Deactivating all plug-ins and using the default theme does not resolve the issue.

    I did notice one oddity that may help. In WordPress, when I edit an event and reset the location, I can click in the area to the right (where it usually says “Location not found”) and the map will appear. However, when I click Update to save the change, the map disappears and “Location not found” returns.

    This would seem to indicate that the Google Maps API key is working, at least momentarily. The address is submitted to Google, the map is returned, but for some reason the map isn’t saved in the event form itself.

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