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    In my UpdraftPlus settings, I have chosen FTP as the location for my backups.

    I wish to be able to download all the backup file(s) required in case I needed to do a reinstall without being able to access my ftp.

    So is the only folder I need to download the target folder I created under FTP under the settings tab? Or is there something else I should download as well?

    Thank you for your help,

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  • Follow-up question for clarification:

    In the target folder my ftp backup setting is pointing to, there are files associated with more than one back-up. So I’m guessing I would only need to back up the 5 files associated with the most recent backup?

    I know I could also download the files one by one from the existing UpdraftPlus backups tab, but I’m looking for the easiest/fastest free workflow.

    After downloading the 5 said files, can I then zip them all up in one document so they take less space on my hard drive?

    I case of a site crash without access to my ftp files, are these 5 files the only thing needed to perform a site restore?

    I had asked a similar question a while back and someone has responded I also needed to download the updraft folder found under wp-content. Is this true?

    Thanks for clearing things up, I just want to make sure I can restore my site in case my web host crashes or is the target of a hack, as was the case recently. Luckily after a few days they were able to restore from their backups..

    Plugin Contributor DNutbourne


    Hi Catherine,

    When downloading the backups manually, you only need to download the 5 backup files from your FTP location (-plugins, -themes, -uploads, -others, -db).

    These are standard ZIP files (except the database, which is GZIP), so can be zipped and stored as you wish.

    However, when restoring the backup, they will need to be returned to separate files.

    The backup files do not contain the ‘wp-content’ folder itself, just the cotents of that folder.
    As such, when restoring, you will need to install a fresh copy of WordPress, adn then restore the backup either manually or via UpdraftPlus.

    We have a guide on restoring a site available here:

    Thank you for your clear and helpful response! 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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