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    After the latest updates, the location and timezone all got messed up.
    Previously, there is ‘no location’ option for online events. Now no such option. if i edit on any event, it will automatically change to the first on-site location i have on the list.

    Also the timezone got mess up after the update.
    default timezone is set to UTC+8
    Event timezone is also set to UTC+8. For e.g., event time is 9am to 12pm UTC +8. when published, it will appear 12am to 3am on the website.

    Please advise.

    thank you.

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  • Hi, I might have the same issue.
    Overnight and it looks like after the update, my timezones messed up. They were exactly correct on the back end but on the live site they show event times all over the place and not what they say on the backend. I know this is something to do with the ‘location’ changes as the ‘new location’ banner was on my events page this morning when we noticed the issue and was not there last night when the times were fine.

    All timezone settings everywhere else are correct. Please roll-back this so we have the option to opt in as this has messed up my events page and will have to deactivate the plugin if this is not fixed.

    Thank you.

    Ich habe das selbe Problem seit dem letzten Update, Seite läuft auf UTC+2, alle Events haben den Eintrag UTC+2, aber angezeigt werden alle Events mit UTC, also 2 Stunden früher. Musste das Plugin komplett deaktivieren.

    Samee Issue since the last Update, site runs on UTC+2, all events are set to UTC+2 but all events are shown with UTC, 2 hours earlier. I had to deactivate the Plugin.

    Anyone had a fix to this yet? Mine is still showing incorrect times to what is entered in the calendar and all other timezone setting are correct. I will sadly have to deactive and build something else if there is no fix. Thanks.

    Hey Guys,

    My logic says it’s more important to keep your site running, than blow time spinning in circles trying to figure out why it’s busted, or waste time muttering about how to fix something you and me prob can’t fix.

    Just restore the last version, until there’s a fix.

    Just saying.

    Thanks for your logic @websmythe. Plugin was rolled back as soon as this occurred. Also, you are unaware of how I use this plugin so your comment is not on the mark or helpful. Also, a short paragraph on checking for any updates is hardly spinning in circles. Eventually, updates will need to occur especially for security. I was checking if anyone was on board with a patch as yet as this issue is a week old and is affecting quite a few people. If you don’t have anything constructive to add, have an absolutely lovely weekend!! Bye.

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    I am having the same issue ever since the Zoom and URL virtual events with no location “fix.” In frustration, today I have deleted the URL option for events and it has not fixed the problem thus far. How do I “roll back” to the previous version until a fix is found? I am NOT a wordpress expert.

    Hi @peterfrycki. Oh no, sorry to hear that. In that case I recommend adding this plugin as it’s much easier to rollback with it ‘WP Rollback’. Once it’s installed, each plugin will have a ‘rollback’ link next to the plugin name. Press ‘rollback’ and then select the version of Events Manager before this occurred, which in my experience was 2 version ago. I selected Version and the issue resolved itself. If you need more assistance to load a plugin or anything let me know and I’ll send further steps. Good luck.

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