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  • Okay, seeing as there is some talk about the Static Pages functionality of the upcoming WP release, here’s something that I would really, really, really like it to be able to do:
    Locate the static pages outside of the blog directory.
    Say, you have your WP blog index.php located in the directory, it would be very practical if WP nonetheless could place static pages in the root directory ( or in other directories, such as In my case these wouldn’t even have to be true static pages, a mod_rewrite in the site root’s htaccess would work too.
    Since the static pages don’t yet work in the latest nightly, I haven’t been able to check if they can do the above, so if they already can, consider me one happy camper. If there are other solutions or work-arounds to this problem, please enlighten me 🙂

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  • I’m keeping my fingers crossed that doing just what you’ve described will be possible with the .htaccess rules generated by WordPress. If not, I’m sure someone will be quick to release a plugin that will generate those mod_rewrite rules for those of us who can barely spell regex. I’m waiting on this to show up in the nightly build to overhaul my site, but from what I’ve seen with messing around with the static pages, 1.3 is going to be quite sweet.

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