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  • BP Activity Plus is awesome! We are very reliant upon it to provide our members with a simple way to upload photos and video links.

    I would like to change the button text once an image is uploaded. Our users are getting confused when after they upload a photo it says “Add photos”. Makes sense to me, but what can I say.

    So…I thought that the most effecient way to do this was to create a custom .po and .mo file in ./languages dir. However unlike the Buddypress plugin, I was unable to find a languages variable that I could define in my functions.php file to point to my new .mo file.

    I have modified the language file succesesfully in Buddypress following this post. I created a new .po file in languages, did the translations in POEdit and then saved the file which created both a .po and a .mo file. However the plugin doesn’t seem to know about this new languages file.

    I then modified bpfb-default.po using POEdit. When I saved it created a new .mo. Still no change. My last resort was to modify ./lib/class_bpfb_binder.php. This is a sub-optimal approach because I will now have to maintain this file everytime I upgrade the plugin. (Yuck!). Even hard coding the change, I still cannot get the button text to be “Post photos” after stopping/starting my local server, clearing cache, etc.

    class_bpfb_binder.php mod:

    wp_localize_script('bpfb_interface_script', 'l10nBpfb', array(<br />
    			'add_photos' => __('Post photos', 'bpfb'),

    Has anyone had success modifying the languages files in this plugin or (worse case) modifying button text?


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  • I have the same problem, can’t get the *.po and *.mo file to work. Trying to translate to swedish but nothing happens when I upload the new files to the language directory. Have you come to any solution to the problem yet?

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