localized Mac os X Mysql restore timing out (3 posts)

  1. edfladung
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hi Guys,

    My database backup file is 42mb. I've downloaded it, to create a local version of my blog running on Mac OS X. I've got MySql and PHP playing nicely. But I can't import the file using PhpMyAdmin (file size limit) and I can't do it with CocoaMySql either (same reason). So I tried my hand at Terminal app with the help of the tutorial here. My back up file (backup.sql) is in my top level directory of my G5. when I run the command to MySql I get an error telling me the command doesn't exist:

    eds-g5:/ Ed$ cd usr/local/mysql/bin
    eds-g5:/usr/local/mysql/bin Ed$ mysql -u root edwpdb < ../../../../backup.sql
    -bash: mysql: command not found
    eds-g5:/usr/local/mysql/bin Ed$

    same error here:

    eds-g5:/ Ed$ cd usr/local/mysql
    eds-g5:/usr/local/mysql/bin Ed$ mysql -u root edwpdb < ../../../../backup.sql
    -bash: mysql: command not found
    eds-g5:/usr/local/mysql Ed$

    Does anyone have experienced with localized versions of wordpress running on macs? i figure it's my noobness with Terminal App, but any hints I would be much appreciated.

  2. misionpilot
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hi I have had a simular problem and would like to know if anyone has had any success... I am new to SQL and am having idfficulty getting CocoaMySQL to be able to read my .sql file. it is only 10.8Mb but I would like to know if there is a comand line way to do this...
    I got WordPress 2.0.5 to run so apache, php 4.4.1, and MySQL 4.1.21-standard are all playing nicely on Tiger 10.4.8. on a Powerbook G4. I just cant figure out how to import the MySQL data.

  3. edfladung
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I finally realized that my 42mb sql file was mostly from a plugin that was caching huge amounts of info to my mysql file. i dumped those tables and got the file down to 7mb.

    I still couldn't get phpmyadmin to load the sql file. i finally just upgraded to wp 2.0.5 and used the db backup plugin to create a backup copy of the file and used that instead.

    and it worked!

    To this day, the only way i can get restore a backed up file is to use the back up plugin that comes with the default install of WP.

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