• Although I love the layout and basic usage for simple page layout it seems to be slow on saving and frequently undo’s/changes media layout of “boxes”

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    1) You say “Localized Error”. If you believe that there’s an error, you should just report it in the Support forum, kindly waiting for the developers to analyze and, in case, provide the fix.

    2) Without entering into technical details, “slowness” in saving or in undo’s can depend on many factors, none of which is basically in our control. To give you an example, if your page include big or many images then your browser needs more time to process them, depending also on the computer or device you’re using (a powerful desktop computer is often much faster than a tablet, etc.).

    3) In any case, thank you for your feedback, and we wish you could appreciate and rate Zedity for what it enables you to achieve, not for the time your computer needs to save or undo your work.

    I am more concerned With the media handling (in this case two images less, of which I tried multiple files sizes and re-sizing the page height/width just in case). I’m familiar with load times changing upon content weight and server response times etc. but the length of save is causing response-time crashes and invalid saves (blank saves or reverting itself to last save). I believe it is a localized error because I have not yet (in the process of ruling out server issues now) it was not present until recent update which seems to have caused some browser specific (Chrome and chrom based browsers) issues. The time is more of a note that “might” need to be addressed later. I also tried changing themes, re-installed plugin fresh along with wordpress to its newest version. But seeing as how Zedity is the only one I have found that does what I want it too (when it works in this case) I’d prefer to figure out the issue and pass along the answer in case someone else is having this issue now or in the future. As far as the “support” forum posting goes I had thought that was where I had posted. lol. If this is not the correct place then kindly point me in the correct direction.

    Plugin Author Zedity


    The “localized error”, that appeared on your chrome browsers after some update you did, is being investigated and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible. Here is where we read the support requests: http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/zedity

    We are sorry that such an issue led you to give just a 3-star rating, but, in any case, we’re glad to read that for you “Zedity is the only one I have found that does what I want it too“.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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