• Resolved Jonas


    Hi there!

    Great plugin, thanks a lot for developing it!!

    One question: how can i localize the datepicker itself?
    (the list “today”, “tomorrow”, “this week” and so on works…)
    I already found out that you use the jQuery UI DateRangePicker but i don’t see where to change or to hook in to modify month translation, weekday translation and the order of the weekdays (should start with monday)…

    Can you please help?!
    Thank you very much!!

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  • Plugin Contributor Hitesh Makvana


    Hi @wmwde
    We are using the default jquery date picker which is translatable. In which language you are trying to translate?

    You have tested with any translation management plugin?

    Thank you

    Thread Starter Jonas


    Hello Hitesh,
    thank you very much for your answer!

    I would like to translate the date picker to german.
    And I already tried a translation management plugin, but it didn’t work.

    Generally, the translations seem to be in the source code, there is a section:

    <script type=’text/javascript’ id=’moment-js-after’>
    moment.updateLocale( ‘de_DE’, {“months”:[“Januar”,”Februar”,”M\u00e4rz”,”April”,”Mai”,”Juni”,”Juli”,”August”,”September”,”Oktober”,”November”,”Dezember”],”monthsShort”:[“Jan”,”Feb”,”Mrz”,”Apr”,”Mai”,”Jun”,”Jul”,”Aug”,”Sep”,”Okt”,”Nov”,”Dez”],”weekdays”:[“Sonntag”,”Montag”,”Dienstag”,”Mittwoch”,”Donnerstag”,”Freitag”,”Samstag”],”weekdaysShort”:[“So”,”Mo”,”Di”,”Mi”,”Do”,”Fr”,”Sa”],”week”:{“dow”:1},”longDateFormat”:{“LT”:”G:i”,”LTS”:null,”L”:null,”LL”:”j. F Y”,”LLL”:”j. F Y G:i”,”LLLL”:null}} );

    But it doesn’t work…
    And in germany the week starts with monday, i’d like to change this too.

    Thanks for yout help!!

    Plugin Contributor Hitesh Makvana


    Hi @wmwde
    Normally date picker is translated by WordPress itself. Can you please contact our support and they will check for you.

    Thank you

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