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    Though I have localized all the strings that are in the .pot file of the plugin to my language, and uploaded the .mo file appropriately, the following do not get translated:

    1. Whatever that is dispalyed on the sidebar on “get_useronline();” call, like “User”, “Online” etc. (I don’t use widgets)
    2. “am”, “pm” etc showing the time on the useronline page. These strings have been translated on the main .po file as found in the wp-includes/locale.php.
    3. The terms “guest” etc do not get translated on the data spewed in the useronline page. I had to substitute $guest['user_name'] with __('guest', 'wp-useronline') to get it working.

    Kindly help.



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  • 1. WP-Admin -> Options -> Useronline.
    2. The date is a bug and it should be fixed in WP-UserOnline 2.30 ->
    3. I don’t get you $guest['user_name'] will display the guest aka comment author name not guest.



    Thanks GamerZ for your response.

    I find that the following code appears under the condition if the guest is not a comment author at around line no.121.

    $user_name = "guest";

    And the string “guest” (with a lowercase “g”) got translated only when I substituted $guest['user_name'] with the getexted string as mentioned by me in the following lines of code:

    } else {
    $useronline_output .= '<p><strong>#'.$no.' - '.$guest['user_name'].'</strong> '.ip2nation_country($guest['ip']).check_ip($guest['ip']).' '.__('on', 'wp-useronline').'

    (around line no. 711.

    And thanks for the latest version.



    OH yea, my bad, thanks for pointing that out. Is the date working ok?

    Thanks, GamerZ. Everything is working Great!

    Nice of you to be so prompt in responding to help call as well as in updating your plugins. Folks like you make the WordPress rock!


    thank you =)

    I have fixed the bug about the guest language. I am going to use display_name instead of user_name.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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