• I am using Polylang for my 2-languages website.

    The user information for UAB cannot be translated.

    Have you foreseen to support multi-languages for this plugin ?



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  • Hello, @swissspaceboy!

    Thank you for writing in.

    Apologies for the late response.

    Every string in the plugin we know is translation ready. But don’t know if polylang supports user profile translation. We will definitely look into it and get back to you.

    Could you in the meantime check with polylang if they support user profile translation?


    Hi Sunil,

    I can see 3 bio description boxes for my users, so this means that the user bio displays according to the defined language. This works fine in my frontend.

    What is not working is the Frontend Tab Title, company name & designation. These 3 cannot be translated via the UI per user.

    I do not think that it is a big job to have these strings multilanguage in the UI.

    Thanks in advance !


    Hello, @swissspaceboy!

    Thank you for writing back.

    So, we looked into this. Unfortunately, we could not find clear documentation on polylang support on custom fields in user profile page.

    We will start a support ticket in the Polylang forum and see if we can get any response from them.


    Until then this plugin does not support polylang for the profile page.


    Hello, @swissspaceboy!

    So, we looked into it and we think we found a workaround to make the Frontend Tab Title, company name & designation compatible with the polylang language switcher.

    It is a bit of rough coding and making the whole plugin and its fields compatible with polylang with take a lot of time.

    For now, we only made the Frontend Tab Title, company name & designation fields compatible.

    If you want a copy, please mail us at support@accesspressthemes.com
    It is built on top of 1.0.4 so the fontawesome issue will not be there.


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