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  1. handig
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm having problems with localization. If I have
    define ('WPLANG', 'nl'); it works but if I use 'the standard' define ('WPLANG', 'nl_NL'); it doesn't localize.

    If I change from nl to nl_NL I change the language files of the theme accordingly. So this isn't the problem.

    I found these old links:
    - this link that refers to some php.ini server settings as the cause
    - And this links says the server cannot read the .mo file so it loads default english captions.. It concludes that there´s an issue with the gettext library and wordpress running on x64 based machine. Basically it´s a byte addressing issue regarding the language files located at wp-includes/languages. And it should be solved with the later WordPress releases.

    But I'm on 3.1.2 and the language setting nl_NL doens't work, while nl works. What can it be?

  2. handig
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I had a clear moment. I placed a new copy of the translation files on the server and it worked. Seems like the files were corrupted somehow.

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