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  • Hi, first of all thanks for the great software, however there are some things that are not well thought over.

    One of the things I’m talking about is localization. As my primary language and my blog language is not english, I started to localize WordPress into latvian language. There are couple of things that I can’t get over:

    1) Let’s start with a simple one. There are places, where you should input your login name and password and there are places where the button says ‘Login’ and is meant as action.
    So in some languages (latvian, for example) one ‘Login’ needs to be translated to let’s say ‘user name’ and another could be left as ‘login’ (action). The problem is there’s only one ‘Login’ string in the .po file. So I can’t translate it the way I want – two separate places and two separate strings. I’ve no idea how you could fix it, but that’s one of the things that could get the translators in trouble.

    2) The next thing is a little bit nastier. I understand the localization idea and it’s great, but I really don’t think it’s necessary to do the localization in runtime. I mean it’s a huge overhead and slowdown of WordPress. If you could build something like template parser that could build static localized files, it would be much better than on each page request read and parse a file over 30KB in size (that’s how big my .mo file is after completing 50% of localization)

    3) What’s the point of localization, if template authors do not use the localized strings? Let’s say I made a fresh WordPress install and set it to use Kubrick theme. The templates are mixing the _e and __ functions with regular english text. So what’s the point of localization, if I still have to edit the template files directly?

    I’m not sure, how the development of WordPress is organized, but I really think that the development process lacks of some kind of coding guidelines and some other formal stuff. Otherwise a possibly awesome publishing engine will end up bad – heavy slowdowns, messing with localization and so on.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • Thanks for your opinions. I guess you haven’t read any books on tact and diplomacy, but, well, you can’t be all things to all people.

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