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  • Plugin Author megnicholas


    Hi there,

    As long as WordPress itself is set to the Portuguese language there should be no set up to do.
    Portugese was added only very recently to 4.1.2. So you may not have the language files installed. Try re downloading the plugin.


    I uninstalled the plugin, deleted the folder and installed again. I got the same problem.

    I’m using [contact-form] short code. Any idea?

    Plugin Author megnicholas


    To rule out the possibility of a conflict with that short code can you change it to [cscf-contact-form] ?

    Thanks, Meg

    I replaced and i’ve got the same error. is it possible force the language as a shortcode param?

    Plugin Author megnicholas


    It just occurred to me, are wanting European Portugese or Brazilian Portugese?

    If the later then we don’t yet have the translation files.

    Can you check what you have set in your wp-config.php file (it’s in the wordpress root folder):


    define (‘WPLANG’, ‘pt_PT’);


    define (‘WPLANG’, ‘pt_BR’);

    Currently language is pt_BR

    Plugin Author megnicholas


    Are you able to do a translation for Brazillian Portugese?

    To do the translation you will need this file:


    and there is a tool here:

    to help you with the translation

    Once you have used the translation tool you will have two files:


    which you need to put into the above folder. Clean and simple should them work in your language.

    If you could contact me here when you are done:

    and then email me the files then I can put them into the latest release so you will have them every time you update.

    Thanks, Meg

    Hi Meg,

    I’m from Brazil and I needed it translated as well. But since pt_PT and pt_BR are so similar (in writing at least), I just renamed them and it worked great. I took a look at the po file and the translation is perfectly fine for pt_BR.

    Plugin Author megnicholas


    That good. I’ll copy them over and put them in the next release.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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