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  • Hi, this is Otsukare from Japan.
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    For people like me who are using self-localized WP, there’s a lot to do whenever new version is released: modifying each file to fit the intended language and mail() function, etc.
    To solve this, I made this multilingual edition hack. The advantages of this are:
    1. Non-English user can easily modify WP’s language by just updating a language file (e.g. lang_ja.php).
    I need your help in:
    1. Please download & test it!
    2. Reporting bugs, and/or fixing them if you can.
    3. Translating language files (e.g. lang_de.php, lang_fr.php) into your language (only Japanese version is available for now). All language files other than lang_ja.php are dummies.
    4. Give me feedback -good or bad.

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  • need for russian localization, where to download… please…

    To members: I’ve read most of this thread and it seems you have no volunteers for spanish translation. if you find no spanish, bulgarian or thai translation, you can contact gtlt localization project at sourceforge:, and ask project leader to join your localization efforts.

    Russian localization had been mentioned on these forums, but I have not been able to find it. If there is no Russian localization available, I will have to do it myself (for a university project I am involved in). But I wouldn’t want to replicate work!
    Any leads?
    Thanks a lot,

    Can someone expalin how to bind the language file to WP, i´ve read so many threads and nowhere i get help! Please gimmi an AnSwEr!

    OK, but where can I find an italian localization file for wp 1.2?
    I need something to upload directly to the server!



    Is there any way to support two or more language (multi-language) at the same time? suppose, the main language is English, and there will be a dropdown list of different languages. According to the language choice, all content of wp will be displayed in choosen language.



    maybe you can use the theme switcher plugin .



    Search for “bilingual plugin” turns up this:



    Yasar: According to the language choice, all content of wp will be displayed in choosen language.

    When we deal with WP content usually means entries and comments – everything in the database. So, the content will not appear in another language unless it is translated. By you… or a machine.
    For machine translation there is a translator plugin.
    For having more langauges installed and display the interface in different languages + eventually showing only the entries in that languages – there is the Ployglot plugin.
    Once I wrote a post about this issue, it has all the links:



    What i mean by “According to the language choice, all content of wp will be displayed in choosen language.” is not some way to translate the content or entries or comments. I want a way to store entries according to the selected site language and to display the specific language entries. But thanks for the link about multilingual blogging. I will study this as well as the bilingual plugin which Kassad has pointed. If i come to any point, i will post what i have done.

    Thanks for replies.



    The Polyglot plugin comes pretty close to what you want:

Viewing 11 replies - 91 through 101 (of 101 total)
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