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  • Hi, this is Otsukare from Japan.
    (Re-posted from:
    For people like me who are using self-localized WP, there’s a lot to do whenever new version is released: modifying each file to fit the intended language and mail() function, etc.
    To solve this, I made this multilingual edition hack. The advantages of this are:
    1. Non-English user can easily modify WP’s language by just updating a language file (e.g. lang_ja.php).
    I need your help in:
    1. Please download & test it!
    2. Reporting bugs, and/or fixing them if you can.
    3. Translating language files (e.g. lang_de.php, lang_fr.php) into your language (only Japanese version is available for now). All language files other than lang_ja.php are dummies.
    4. Give me feedback -good or bad.

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  • This is exactly what i needed! – Many, many thanks Otsukare!

    Hi jules,
    Are you interested in helping Otsukare translate? I am also a Japanese WP user and kind of helping him get this localization thing going. I think it would be great if you could share your translated language file with others!! (unless you are using the Japanese file Otsukare made).

    I love the idea, I would be glad to join for the French version.

    Sorry, forgot to log. So, I am joining !

    This looks really nice.
    But what happens if wp is updated b/c let’s say a bug was found?

    Well the localization code should be rolled into the main release sometime. (Soonish.)

    Please consider adding a Right-to-Left option to the localization code for Hebrew & Arabic users.

    Thanks allusion, I was hoping such words from you.
    Any other thing I would like to see is a status page with all the on going translations, in order someone doesn’t translate from scratch if someone else’s already working on a given language.

    I already started on a German localization, so I’ll just roll it into this project. 🙂

    Why don’t you use the wiki on to translate this file? It might prevent parallel (and repetitive) work.

    Thanks everyone for your comments!
    I really appreciate your help.
    Could you cut & paste the translated file here whenever you are finished?
    I will include it as lang_fr.php file into my language folder.
    As to bugs…
    I only modified parts that have to do with displaying language (i.e. message/menu/etc…). That is, all I (or whoever fixing the bug) have do is to check the relevant code in the original file.
    I can say there’s a 99% chance that you only have to do what you usually would on the original release version.
    I really hope you consider incorporating this into future development/release version after we get a few more language files lined up. For people like me who use multi-byte language, it’s quite a work to solve single/multi-byte compatibility issues whenever new version is released…
    If you simply write Right-to-Left text on the language file, it should be displayed as is. You might also be able to do the same by adding the following class in wp-layout.css.
    p .RightToLeft{ direction: rtl;}
    Let me know if you could help translating too!

    I think Otsukare and other people involved are sleeping at this moment (It’s past midnight in Japan, I am in the US), but he will be posing a reply soon.
    Good point, Yuu! And Anonymous, It’s certainly a good idea to use wiki. Soon we can get it started, so it will be more efficient not to start translating just yet. Thanks all.

    I really appreciate your help.
    I would definitely include it!
    Thanks for your help too!
    We can work together to make it a great project. Hurrah for Deutsh!
    I agree with your comment on the use of Wiki. I want to use whatever everyone is the easiest to work with.
    Could someone give it a good project name?

    Otsukare: Looking at the files, it seems there are a few things you are skipping/not translating. Is there a reason for this, or have you just missed some things?

    Guess we’ll have to start translating the readme then…
    BTW: The German FAQ is near compleation (90%).
    Somebody should revise it… (because I love making all sorts of mistakes… ;o) )
    P.S.: @jason: I think the Wiki idea is a good one…
    Would you mind starting a page lang_de or something? (If you haven’t already…)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 101 total)
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