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    We have been using this plugin for a while with great success, and are now also going through some teething regarding the new version. However, essentially I got the changes worked through within minutes. I was then left with some small hassles: We are using it in German, and there are people using our website (seniors) who cannot be expected to deal with even smaller amounts of English popping up. And localization is currently far from perfect.

    I resolved the immediate issue of the calendars saying “previous” and “next” instead of “voriger” and “nächster” by replacing it in the includes/class-gce-display.php, but obviously every new version will break this. It should be done via the language file instead. Now, when I click on “next”, it says “loading” for a second, which is not in the same file, so I quickly decided to skip that one. It just serves to show localization is still, as we say, a broad field. (Next, there are lots of passages in the backend, but that’s a different story, us admins can handle that.)


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    I appreciate you pointing this out. Localization is definitely a huge deal and not necessarily easy to keep simple. We do work very hard to make sure we get it as close as possible for anyone who wants to translate.

    You are correct that with each update the changes will be overridden. We also get help from volunteer translators so when a new release comes out we won’t have updates unless we get contacted by them with an updated translations file as well.

    Hopefully someday this will be easier to do through development, but right now we are working the best we can with the tools we have.

    Thanks again for the valuable feedback and we will continue to make improvements in this area as we see the opportunities to.

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