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  • hello
    I just had finished to install my wordpress with suitable theme on my computer (local) with WAMP Server.
    But i have a problem that is when connect my computer to LAN Wire so that make my site so slow , and when disconnect the LAN so all will be fine.
    I hope to get help please.

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  • Hello @ahmedfouad7

    Depending on the theme you are using, it might be making a bunch of external network calls (for things like fonts and/or CSS libraries) that could be slowing down your local site. Have you tried it with a default theme like Twenty Twenty Two?

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    Hello @psykro
    Thank you for your responding , I agree with you about that so I tried to change my theme and make my site stop to connecting to internet by adding add_filter( ‘pre_http_request’, ‘__return_true’, 100 ); to the function.php , and agree that bake better.
    But my strange problem that is when I run my site on localhost (my laptop) is be very fast when the laptop did not connect to any network by LAN , IF i just connect the LAN cable to will be so slow , its happened such as the site catch new IP or something like that.
    I hope to help me please

    Unfortunately without knowing what’s installed/configured on your laptop/network, it’s rather difficult to say.

    Another alternative you could try is the Airplane Mode plugin

    This allows you to control loading of external files when developing locally.

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    What you need to know Jonathan?
    I had install wamp server 3.2.6 64
    and put port 80 (standard)
    have chosen (asteral) theme
    there is no network set in my laptop
    when connect LAN my Laptop catch IP address and my site been slow.

    i hope this information is useful for you , and if you need any new information just tell me dear.

    thanks for your help

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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