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  • Hi,

    I have a wordpress website that is running on local server(xampp).I am using ngrok to publicly expose the site so that the client can test however when I use the randomly generated link, the site is redirected back to localhost as a result the client cant access nor test the website.

    I have tried the option of updating the SITE URL on wordpress to the link, it works however the images on the website don’t show….so it will a website with only the words and no images or links.

    Please advise what do I need to do.If possible can you be as detailed as possible e.g. provide setting that I need to do on my wordpress.

    PS: I have tried using the Relative URL plugin and the ODT relative plugin as well it doesn’t work.I am using wordpress 5.4.2

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    I think you’d need a .htaccess rewrite rule that acts upon any localhost request when the referrer is not localhost, where the request is then rewritten to match the domain of the referrer.

    Thus when you browse as localhost, nothing is changed, it still works as before.

    Browsing as ngrok, image links are still localhost in post content. When such a request is made from ngrok, “localhost” is rewritten to the ngrok based domain of the referrer.

    I’m not entirely sure this will work, but I can’t imagine any other solution. Other than cloning the site to a normal web server somewhere 😉

    Hi, were you lucky making your local wordpress site available? If so, could u kindly share how? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, No I didn’t succeed. I ended up using other screen sharing applications so that the client can see the website and test.

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    Thanks @bcworkz 🙏🏾


    You can try to use our plugin

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