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  • I have a brand new installation of XAMPP 7.4.19. I have been upgrading a friend’s WordPress site locally, and I have it working in WP 5.7.2.

    The one remaining wackiness is that URLs for navigating between pages are broken. They have “localhost” in them twice. For example see The cursor is hovering over the “About <redacted>” menu button. Note in the HTML on the right the url associated with that button, “http://localhost/<redacted>/?page_id=2&#8221;. But at the bottom left it shows where the button will actually take you; “http://localhost/localhost/<redacted>/?page_id=2&#8221; which of course doesn’t work.

    I suspect this is WordPress because I haven’t done anything to Apache’s configuration and the links attached to WordPress buttons work. For example, if I click the redacted blog name at the top left and pick “Dashboard”, it takes me to the dashboard.

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    That does not appear to be a standard wp_nav_menu() menu scheme. I recommend asking for assistance through the dedicated support channel of whatever theme or plugin is responsible for that menu scheme. When the href attribute does not match the browser’s actual destination, it’s indicative of some script getting involved. That script appears to not be working as expected.

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