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  • I’ve been having some problems moving a site from my localhost to a server.

    I’m using 2 custom post types, each of which have a splash page that are pulling their respective posts using their own php templates : one called writing.php and one called television.php

    All of the content pages and individual posts are working fine, but those two pages I referred to earlier are not displaying as expected. They are displaying the content of the post, (which I did not want), and not anything else (The title, publish date, permalink – everything the template is telling it to display). Also the main heading title of the page is not displaying. So basically it’s doing the complete opposite of what I want it to do, and is having many styling issues.

    I’ve compared the source code from my localhost and the server version and it appears to be missing these two lines:
    <link rel=’prev’ title=’Services’ href=’http://wordstoeatby.localhost/?page_id=10′ />
    <link rel=’next’ title=’Television’ href=’http://wordstoeatby.localhost/?page_id=14′ />

    Not sure why because they are being generated by a function that is working fine on the local version, but again not on the server version. Also the services page is still working fine, even with that missing line of text.

    Another key problem: The body class (generated by the body_class() function) is not working properly on these two pages. When I try to change the class to what it’s supposed to be using Chrome’s developer tools no changes take place.

    One other point: my localhost is using page_id permalinks whereas my server version is using slugs. I thought this may have been the problem, but when I changed them back to page_ids, the television page works fine but the writings page remains unchanged with the same issues.
    I’ve included a function call in both the template files to echo the page_id to try and solve this problem but it does not display.

    Hope someone can help me out!!

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