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  • Hi,

    I seemed to have stuffed my Apache pretty well.

    I haven’t used my localhost for my blog in a long time, and set up another blog on my local in the interim.

    Somehow the blog login password was not the same as it is for my blog online. I tried all the various combos and nothing worked, so I went into the database to check it/change it.

    Well, a little bit of knowledge being a dangerous thing came true. I saw that my root had no password and thought I might have changed it when I was trying to set up the other blog.

    I set a password and that didn’t change anything. So I put it back to no password. Now I can’t get into phpMyAdmin at all. I get the following message:

    phpMyAdmin tried to connect to the MySQL server, and the server rejected the connection. You should check the host, username and password in and make sure that they correspond to the information given by the administrator of the MySQL server.

    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1045 – Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

    I checked around the web and the forums for a fix to problem, but everything seems to require getting into phpMyAdmin, which appears to be a total impossibility at this point.

    Any ideas? I’m ever-so-pleased that I understand this just enough to screw it up royally.


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