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  • I have returned to WP theme designing and editing and am trying to do so with WordPress on my localhost IIS8 Win8 PC but have had several problems with this and now notably that I cannot upload media.

    It is a blooming pain as far as I can see manually running WP on IIS8 localhost (& before anyone tells me to use the WebPI WP install I’ve tried that, but it won’t complete the install as it asks for my MySQL DB details yet when I give them it refuses them!).

    Does anyone have ideas to fix the media upload? Does this rely on FTP?
    What folders should the images go to (I cannot see an uploads folder in wwwroot>wordpress…)?

    I’d like to run WP on Windows localhost, so am not wanting LAMP/WAMP apache localhost alternatives…Does anyone have such a setup with it running successfully?
    I’m grateful for helpful replies, thanks

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  • I’ve solved this by adding this line of code to wp-config.php file:
    define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false );

    I found this advice on the support forum @:

    There is no explanation of what this line does or why it is missing/needed in the wp-cnfig file but it has worked and allowed media files to be uploaded?

    As the phrase goes “What goes?!”..what is going on here WordPress?

    Okay so concatenate scripts is where WordPress puts all the javascript’s needed for the request into one file – this cuts down on server requests and is generally a good thing.

    That being said, IIS may have its own way of doing this and this may be whats causing issues.

    I don’t know enough about this aspect of WordPress to say why or how though.

    Thanks for your reply bemdesign,
    In this case it is likely to be an IIS issue I would think but not for the other cases from the link I gave.Something is not right with WordPress for this to happen and hopefully some genius WordPress webdev admin can check this bad buggy behaviour out and fix it! Meantime, if it keeps working with no other issues that’ll do for now… 🙂

    The problem with running WordPress on IIS is that comparatively few people do it. There is tons of information about running on Unix/Linux based platforms but not Windows IIS.

    I manage WordPress sites on a Windows Server (2008) running IIS7. It is never easy to locate answers to problems with WordPress on IIS.

    Hi muddg
    I am very well aware of the fact that few Windows users use IIS localhost for WordPress! When I first started using a localhost server many years ago the only information available was for an XAMPP set up which I ran very successfully for a while. XAMPP will work well on both Windows and Linux.
    Several years ago I made a conscious decision to try and run Windows software on my Windows PC’s and I have been using IIS for a long time now but very few other people do this and there is little to no proper guidance on this either on this forum or even on Windows/MS forums!
    There is also a Windows option of running WordPress with WEBPI WordPress via IIS Express. I have tried this but it is possible to get conflicts using both systems(well I found so when I tried a few years back). The WEBPI products may use a different PHP version and have other dependencies/issues!

    It appears to me that more people prefer Apache server than IIS and I cannot understand why Microsoft and WordPress do not make these products and integration better and easier to use for the average PC user! Sad but that seems to be how it is!

    Perhaps us Windows IIS WordPress users should pool our knowledge and make our experiences more widely known both on this forum and elsewhere? Best wishes 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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