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  • Hey, everyone, (me again!)

    Those of you who have been following my WordPress saga will be thrilled to know I finally installed WordPress locally! PHP and everything.

    The problem is now that my blog doesn’t show up online. Apache is running and my IP address is correct.

    I figure it’s some small setting or config problem.


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  • It get to my local copy of WordPress via this url:


    I use xampp and WordPress is installed in my /xampp/htdocs/wordpress folder.

    That works for me, too. But from another computer, I can’t see my blog when I type my IP address.

    What do you see? Is your apache configured to deny all IPs besides (localhost)?

    Stimuli, it just times out. The apache config file says to listen to 80 (and I added listen 8081 when 80 didn’t work). but it’s not: listen which I understand would allow only local access.

    is there a port I can use to run it so I can see it on other computers?

    Backing up a step…

    What do you have for the two URI values in Options -> General

    If they include localhost or you can, logically, assume that other machines are going to not see your blog. You need to have a real IP or name there.

    I had localhost/wordpress for both of those URI values!

    However, changing it to my current IP address just times out when I try to view it from other machines. Is this RoadRunner blocking me from hosting my own site? Maybe they won’t let me use these ports.

    I guess at this point, it’s no longer a WordPress problem, though.


    if your local IP is a 192.168.*.* or 10.*.*.* nobody outside of your local network will see it.

    But you’re right – not a WP issue. You have a networking issue. 🙂

    it’s I’m waiting on Time Warner to e-mail me back with a list of ports I can use. Assuming that it’s them who are blocking me, the IP is otherwise fine, right?

    Thanks again– I’m so close I can TASTE it!

    Uh oh! Looks like now my problem is I can’t get back to my dashboard for wordpress! I changed it to the IP which doesn’t work, so now I can’t reach wordpress even locally. Am I going to have to start all over?


    Are you behind a router?

    If so you must forward port 80 so that outsiders can view your web site.

    For information on how to forward port 80 on your router see:

    Choose your router and learn how to forward ports.

    Also, what about a firewall? If so you also need to open it up on port 80.

    Take Care,


    Groovy– I’ll try just serving a regular index.html file, and when I get that figured out, I’ll come back.


    Um ok, and is your ip address right?

    That is the ip address what is shown to you when you vist here:

    Also, I highly recommand you use a sevice such as:


    This way instead of someone having to type in your ip address and sharing it with the world, you have a standard address like for example:

    So when someone accesses they access my ip address.

    The best thing about this is if your ip address changes that will not matter since your domain is always tied to your current ip address. 🙂



    Y’know, all this could be circumvented with a free blog account… 😉



    You meant wp.COM…

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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