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  • Plugin Author Alex


    Yea I wanted to add this already. Problem why I didnt release it is that I have no control on the video format which is uploaded.

    I think about including it as “experimental” feature which you can activate in the settings.

    I would be happy to test it for you. This is a really nice plugin. imho, being able to upload and set local vid as the featured vid would be an excellent option. So you already have it coded?

    Plugin Author Alex


    Yea I already got the code basically. Need to find an appropriate player and do some testing. WordPress does not come with local video embeds unfortunately – I think because of the same reason as why I would just add it as experimental: to many different video formats and no way to make it work with all of them.

    Maybe just code for html5 video? Keep it simple as far as video formats? Just allow mp4 – ogg – webm?

    Here are a couple players I looked at. Both look pretty rockin.

    Again Alex, if you’d like someone else to test with you, I’d be happy to.


    Plugin Author Alex


    Yeah I already had videojs on my mind!

    Just updated the 1.2 branch:
    If you want to you can test it. At the moment you need to activate the local video feature in your media settings. Then you get two input fields, each for an local video url. Most ideally these two boxes take the same video, mp4 & webm or ogg.

    Im planning to push 1.2 to tomorrow.

    Great plugin idea Alex, well done!

    I am using this with JW Player plugin, as the controller settings are just incredible.

    I have tried to get the featured video to work using your plugin, inserting both mp4 and ogg file from media library URLs, but I dont think its working. Might be my theme though.

    One things I could to find was the option to enable local video as mentioned above, am I missing a trick?

    ooo, also when I insert the Full URL’s to the local videos, they do not save and stay in the fields once you hit the update button. i.e. the fields clear as though I never entered anything. Might be related to the above?

    Plugin Author Alex


    Hey Mark,
    which WordPress Version and which Theme are you using?

    On WordPress 3.5 you need to use the Link To Media File which ends on mp4, webm, ogg or ogv. On >3.5 it is Link URL -> File URL. The Plugin checks for domain and, if local, file format – if these do not fit to the allowed it does not save anything. The setting for activating local videos just was there in beta releases, they are always activated in 1.2.

    Does the automatic integration into the theme work with YouTube or Vimeo videos? Then it should work with local videos. The Featured Videos always use VIDEOJS. I just installed the JW Player plugin on my test installation – did not break anything.. But I didn’t do any configuration etc. Maybe you can try disabling it and report back if FVP Local Videos work afterwards?


    Okay Alex, will give it a go tomorrow and report back. Thanks.

    WP 3.5 with Premium Theme Left Handed by Obox.


    Some test results for you Alex;
    Yes YouTube videos work (And did do in my original config).

    • Change theme backup to twentytwelve (To eliminate the possibility fo a theme problem)
    • Uninstalled and deactivate the JW Player (Just in case!).
    • Created new test post, with no other shortcodes.
    • Added YouTube URL = Worked
    • Tested URLs of the mp4 file and the ogg file, both play in browser direct, so the URLs and site addresses are working.
    • Added the mp4 file first, then the ogg file in the second field = Not Working, the links do not save like they do with a YouTube URL
    • Added the ogg file first an the mp4 file next = Not working, the links do not save like they do with a YouTube URL

    My domain and file URLs both start the same as you would expect, so running out of things to test to be honest!

    Not sure if the above helps or not!
    Thanks, Mark

    Hold up, I think I may have a URL problem, I have deleted the video files and re-uploaded the ogg one, tested and it works, so rock on.
    Awesome plugin, good work.

    Plugin Author Alex


    Mhh.. Do you know what the problem with the URL was?
    The plugin is using wp_upload_dir(‘baseurl’) to determine the location the videos should come from. Because many people are using external CDNs version 1.3 might include an option to allow external video URLs.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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