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  • I just cloned my site to my local Windows pc and I’m using Local WP (don’t have WAMP installed). Although I see all the images on the front side of the site, when I go to edit a post, I get the above error and the images don’t show. At first I suspected that the URL for the images still had my dot com address, but that’s not the case. They are stored in a local folder. What I’ve tried so far:

    • turned off Internet access to test whether the path was still looking online rather than local
    • deactivated plugins one by one
    • cleared cache
    • added an alt tag to an image

    Appreciate any help.

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  • I guess you see the message when editing a page in the block editor? Not just like that when calling the web page in the frontend – right?

    The content of the message is that an image has no alt attribute. The alt attribute is used to give an image a textual description. This is primarily in the sense of accessibility – people without a screen could have a suitable program “read” the image to them by reading out the alt-attribute content. Nowadays, the specification also plays a role for search engines.

    If you see the message in the block editor, the image must be visible on the concretely opened page. Somewhere a text is missing in the alt attribute. You would have to check this and add a text if necessary. Since the page is not available online, it is not possible to help you more precisely.

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