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    It would seem that local server (MAMP Pro 2.1.2) Photon functionality is broken in Slim Jetpack 2.7 – Carousel / Tiled Gallery images are not displayed at all.

    Reverting to Slim Jetpack 2.3.3 (which lacks Photon capability and references the images locally) fixed the problem and allowed Carousel / Tiled Galleries to display as expected.

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  • I’m actually not getting either feature in 2.3.3, either, using WAMP.

    My bad: I’m using Roots as a starter theme, and its gallery function was interfering with Slim Jetpack. Disregard my last post.

    Plugin Author WingerSpeed


    I tested slimjetpack 2.7 under wamp 2.2 and carousel works without problem.
    As for tiled gallery, only a few themes support it.

    I blocked using in hosts file and saw no difference.
    Could you debug this problem?

    FWIW, I had to manually disable Photon by commenting lines 50 and 51 out in slimjetpack/slimjetpack.php. Localhost couldn’t upload/download images from, or wasn’t seeing localhost, or my localhost URL was producing a bad URL in and causing it to fail (I didn’t investigate enough to determine where the problem was); either way, Photon was interfering, and all my images loaded via Photon (namely, anything in a tiled gallery) were 404ing.

    Commenting the Photon-loading lines out solved my problem in the latest Slim Jetpack (not 2.3.3).

    (As a sidenote, I re-enabled the Photon classes before setting my site up on a staging server, accessible from the Internet, and it works fine; it was just localhost that was causing issues. But why are the Photon scripts still loaded?)

    WingerSpeed & volfro – thank you for your comments and pointers.

    WingerSpeed – thank you also for the sterling work you have done to liberate JetPack from – why, though, reintroduce a dependency on through Photon? My use of images is modest enough so that any number crunching can easily be done locally without outsourcing the work.

    I am not technical enough to add much to this discussion, except to say that I do make use of tiled galleries on a couple of my websites and, needing the same functionality on my local (development) MAMP server as well, I must continue to use the non-Photon earlier version of Slim Jetpack (2.3.3) which does the job adequately well and allows me to work without an internet connection.

    It’s only fair to point out that Slim Jetpack 2.7 (with Photon) displays tiled images perfectly well on my live websites, but I have down-versioned to Slim Jetpack 2.3.3 for continuity with my development environment.

    Perhaps, WingerSpeed, you could add a user preference to disable Photon?

    Best regards,


    Plugin Author WingerSpeed


    Hi all, please try the latest update v2.7.0.1

    Thanks WingerSpeed . . that fixed it.

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